Devotion Date:2023-11-12

Scriptures: Esther 2:17, Genesis 37:2-7, Luke 2:52, 1. Favour is God's signature of approval that qualifies man to enjoy an overflow of divine blessings from heaven. 2. Favour is a divine wiring of God's mercy, pardon, choice, and grace into the life of someone. 3. Favour is God's excessive kindness upon His children that drives enemies crazy and confused. 4. Favour is a gift from God that compels people to open their bowels of compassion towards someone. 5. Favour is an exclusive prerogative that certain classes of God's children enjoy because they have satisfied certain conditions of adoption into the Commonwealth of Israel. 6. Favour is a supernatural perfume that makes people want to identify with, help, and please you. 7. Favour is God's riches and glory advertised through a mortal man. 8. Favour is a divine package of prosperity that unfolds in someone's life when he pleases God. 9. Favour is a supernatural elevator that moves you from the bottom to the top. 10. Favour is God's empowered wind that takes you from struggling to a sweat-less harvest and rest. 11. Favour is a divine infusion of goodwill, recognition, influence, help, easy access, support, kindness, and approval of God into your life. 12. Favour is a divine blanket that wraps God's chosen vessel and keeps him from shame and dishonor. 13. Favour is depending on the grace of God to do things and achieve uncommon results. 14. Favour is applying or harnessing unlimited wisdom and power of God to achieve unlimited productivity. 15. Favour is what bridges the gap between you and your destiny.